Will Globix pick up my equipment?

Yes, Globix sends trained employees out to uninstall and securely transport your materials from your place of business to our 15,000 SF facility in Tampa, Florida. Clients also have the option to transport items themselves if they so desire.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing matrix is based on the weight of materials and the delivery logistics. For a free consultation, call 813-284-0770 .

How are items collected at my workplace?

Globix will send out a team of our trained employees to uninstall and securely pack up and transport your equipment using our trucks. We will set up a schedule that is convenient for your companies work schedule. We accept nearly all computers and electronics equipment including: Please contact us if you do not see an item on this list that you wish us to pick up.

How do I know my data was destroyed?

All of our clients will receive a Certificate of Destruction for their records. Clients can also observe the destruction first hand at their own facility as we destroy hard drives using our mobile shredder. We also offer video taping of the entire destruction event. We also offer onsite hard drive destruction.

How secure is your service?

Globix follows the strictest of guidelines when disposing of your equipment. All hard drives are destroyed within 24 hours of being received.

What happens to my data after it is destroyed?

All leftover shredded material is processed into reusable materials such as precious metals.

Can I tour your facility?

Yes, tours are available by appointment only. Please call 813-284-0770 to schedule.